TDA launches two new Trade Marks/

On Monday June 1st June. 2015, TDA ARMEMENTS SAS has officialized two new Trade Marks.

In a generic way, the Trade Mark TELSON designates all TDA's Induction Rocket-Systems (IRS), this means the rocket launchers and all the digital interfaces linking them to the platform.

In spite of its Anglo-Saxon, the word telson derives from the Greek and from the Latin and designates, in every languages, the pocket containing the venom glands the scorpion bears at the end of its tail.

The word aculeus designates, as for him, the prickle allowing the scorpion to inject the poison to the prey it desires or to the predator threatening it. It's the reason why the new Trade Mark ACULEUS (pronounce "A-kou-le-ous") designates the whole catalogue of induction rockets prioduced by TDA ARMEMENTS SAS, are they guided or not.